Our Why

What drives this business? 

The heart and soul of the business resides in two major driving forces: COMMUNITY AND FAMILY.
Palagon is a commercial real estate company, which includes leasing and managing its own properties while providing newly renovated offices.

We are a locally owned, power team. Growing up with our dad constantly travelling for business, left very little time to be spent together, as a family. In order to create a comfortable lifestyle for us, our father was constantly on the road, up until our teenage years while our mom dedicated her focus to raising us and ensuring we choose a path that would someday be influential. Nevertheless, this has created an appreciation for a prosperous vision of businesses succeeding locally with loved ones by their sides. If we can create that platform by providing our offices to our clients in the vision of them creating overall abundance in their lives- that is when we will know that we have been a contribution to this planet!


To enhance the work environment in people’s lives so that their office feels like a second home. People succeed prosperously in their businesses under the wings of our offices!


To maintain an extraordinary reputation for our offices consistently for 2016 and onwards which causes an excitement and desire for people to line up to lease office space in our building locations, as they understand the extreme value we provide to their lives and businesses.

Customer Care 2016

To create an EXCEPTIONAL experience for ALL of our clients.
To enhance the experience of their work environment to the extent of it transferring into their personal lives as well.
To hear that our clients businesses are expanding and growing prosperously.
To have clients feel uniquely listened to and valued by our team at Palagon.
To continue to build a community of tenants where they’re being a stand for each other’s success.

Our Core Values

– Integrity
– Teamwork
– Communication
– Gratitude
– Acknowledgment

Our intent is to bridge the gap of trust between Tenants and Landlords, in particular in the world of Commercial Real Estate. In order to serve our clients with an office space that best suits their business needs. Join our family of offices today!