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Palagon is a commercial real estate company, which includes leasing and managing its own office and retail space.The heart and soul of the business is to support COMMUNITY AND FAMILY.


We are a locally owned, power team. Growing up with our dad constantly travelling for business, left very little time to be spent together, as a family. In order to create a comfortable lifestyle for us, our father was constantly on the road, up until our teenage years while our mom dedicated her focus to raising us and ensuring we choose a path that would someday be influential. Nevertheless, this has created an appreciation for a prosperous vision of businesses succeeding locally with loved ones by their sides. If we can create that platform by providing our offices to our clients in the vision of them creating overall abundance in their lives – that is when we will know that we are a contribution to this planet.




The Palagon team is fuelled by seeing our Family of Tenants succeed. We contribute to their success by providing them with holistic solutions. We create environments that develop communities. We go one step further to engage with our entrepreneurs so they know they aren’t alone. We treat every request from a tenant as an opportunity to contribute to their success. We pledge to be different as commercial landlords, by being transparent, honest and mindful in our interactions and services. We understand that the work environment affects business and family life, so we go above and beyond with our personalized customer care because our impact isn’t just on our tenant, but on their families and communities too. At Palagon, we stay connected to the human aspect of business – after all, what’s business without connection?



To be the #1 commercial landlord, for small and growing businesses who recognize that the key to their success is a supportive, community-based environment. Our vision is to elevate our tenants’ businesses and family lives by providing them with personal and business solutions to achieve holistic prosperity. With content tenants, we can grow a happy and honest business community locally, with heartfelt values that transcend business communities globally.

Our Team

Tina Ebrahimi



What makes my heart pump a little faster and feel fulfilled? Entrepreneurs flourishing under the wings of our offices in their personal and professional lives, while we all make a difference in our local communities together.

Ashraf Ebrahimi

Public Relations


My intention is for us to experience success through our business in order to support others' successes, and to ultimately share this prosperity with charity.

Hossein Ebrahimi



My motivation is to see the progress and prosperity of our family of tenants because it brings me genuine fulfillment.

Core Values

We believe in active growth; recognizing where there’s room for improvement and persistently taking action.


We believe in the power of communication to create a peaceful space amongst our team and our family of tenants to facilitate true synergy.


We believe in “we” instead of “I”; when we serve each other, we contribute to fulfilling each other’s purpose.