Choosing the Right Office Space to Rent in Vancouver 

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Offices are more than simply a place where people come to work; they are spaces where employees gather to share ideas, grow businesses, and forge lasting personal connections.


Whether you’re on the hunt for a new office or a first office, the space you choose will have significant implications for your employees and, ultimately, your bottom line. With that in mind, before you rent an office in Vancouver, here are a few key factors to consider.


1. How Much Office Space Does Your Company Need?


Packing up and moving offices can get expensive, but so can renting square footage you don’t need. A general rule of thumb is to allocate 40 to 90 square feet per employee, but this estimate can vary depending on the type and layout of your office space. Dense, open floor plan offices can function on as little as 25 square feet per employee, whereas executive offices may need as many as 100 square feet per employee.


However, when looking at offices for rent, you’ll also want to find the ideal balance between the space you need now and the potential for future expansion. Depending on how you anticipate your company growing over the next few years, you’ll want to have between 10 and 20% surplus square footage. Moreover, you also have to factor in the number of clients you will meet in your office on a regular basis.


2. Is the Location Convenient for Employees?


One thing is certain; you want to ensure that your new office space is a good fit for employees. But what’s important to your team? You can start by asking them what they hope to get out of the space by collecting feedback from those who will be commuting and working from the offices to help narrow your search when thinking about your employees should you consider to rent an office in Vancouver.


Generally, employees value central locations that are easy to get to, offer plenty of food and restaurant options, and have ample parking. Other perks, such as panoramic views, complimentary coffee, and plenty of natural light also appeal to the majority of office workers.


3. What Features Does the Building Offer?


Building amenities and features can be just as important when renting an office as the actual space. Imagine the building from the viewpoint of those using it, whether that’s employees, clients, or deliveries.


Before you go ahead to rent an office in Vancouver, here are some questions worth thinking about!


How accessible is the building? Is it easy to find? Easy to park? When entering the building, are your offices indicated, or do people need to navigate a maze of corridors?

Are the offices private and professional? Are they fully furnished with professional executive furniture?

Are cleaning services provided?

Is there high-speed fiber internet available?

How secure is the building?

Do you get 24/7 access?

For multi-floor complexes, how practical is the elevator access? Elevator traffic can be a major inconvenience for employees and clients, especially during busier periods.

What impression does the front entrance or lobby give? Appearances may not be as critical if you rarely host clients, but it could be a deal breaker if your business needs to impress.

Will your employees occasionally need after-hours access to your offices? If so, does the office for rent allow for entrance outside of regular business hours, and what type of security measures are in place?

Does the building offer any unique amenities? Facilities will vary by rental office, but some may include features like shared rooftop or patio spaces, bookable conference rooms, or reception and concierge services.


4. What Does the Rent Include?


Much like other rental agreements, when you rent an office in Vancouver, you will have costs other than rent payments to consider. Office rental quotes are typically based on square footage but often don’t include incidentals like taxes, insurance, repairs, and maintenance, or utilities. The best commercial landlords charge no hidden fees and include all the facilities in the rent.


Are you ready to rent an office in Vancouver? Now’s a perfect time. But with spaces quickly being snapped up, it’s probably best not to wait. If you need help getting into the perfect rental, we can help make it happen.