Employee-Centric Spaces and Why It May be Time for a New Office Lease in Vancouver

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Remote working has had a good run, but after nearly two years, many employers and employees are saying it’s enough. 


According to a recent survey, nearly 65% of BC residents are expected to return to the office by late 2022, and a further 21% anticipated resuming in-person work at least part-time. While not all employees have embraced this return to the office with the same level of enthusiasm, there are significant benefits to an in-person work environment. 


Employers find that the office environment they are returning to looks slightly different than the one they left. Therefore, this may have implications for new or existing office leases in Vancouver


How Working In-Office Impacts Employee Satisfaction and Well-Being 


Communication and Collaboration 


Electronic communication certainly has its place in the corporate world, but there are meaningful human interactions that simply can not be replicated over Zoom or through email. Face-to-face office communication is more efficient and fosters collaboration, innovation, and team building- which are crucial elements to driving a successful business.  




Employees, especially those who identify as Millennial or Gen-Z, value working for organizations which are about more than just making money. A strong corporate culture is crucial to building strong teams and fostering company loyalty- something that’s exceptionally challenging to do without the in-person interactions in offices. 


Networking and Career Development 


Networking has long been one of the secrets of corporate success. Returning to the office provides the perfect environment to help employees build their social capital. In-person interactions not only help keep faces fresh in the minds of those who matter but also enable employees to share their knowledge and experiences to help support others as they develop and grow. 


Work-Life Balance 


After several months of balancing kids, household chores, and other responsibilities, many have realized that working from home may not be all it’s cracked up to be. With work-related activities increasingly encroaching into what was traditionally free time, many suffer from a work-life balance completely thrown out of whack. A return to the office provides distinct separation from work and family obligations so employees can turn off when away from the office. 


Creating Employee-Centric Offices 


With all that in mind, how can business owners help create spaces that enable workers to reach their full potential?



Consider the Layout of your Office Space


Open floor plans have become all the rage in office planning; they require less square footage, thus making them appealing options to businesses on a budget. However, many employees find open-plan working distracting and the lack of privacy unpleasant, especially after years of working from home. The perfect solution, often, is to get a private office.  


When planning the design of your office space, consider your employee’s needs, personalities, and the type of work they will be performing. 


Keep Things Light 


Research has shown that lighting can significantly impact employee mood and productivity. An office lease in Vancouver that offers plenty of natural light can help increase productivity, reduce headaches, fatigue, and eyestrain and make the transition back to the office more pleasant. In your private office, you can often make all the minor adjustments you require to get the lighting just right.


If natural lighting isn’t available, experts suggest using cooler lighting to help provide that natural energy boost in workspaces and warmer lighting in common areas where employees go to relax.  


Invest in Creature Comforts 


Employees will spend, on average, over 2,000 hours a year in the office. Uncomfortable office furniture can lead to various health issues for employees, including lower back pain, musculoskeletal problems, and illness, impacting employee satisfaction and performance. 


To help make the time employees spend in the office more enjoyable, consider appointing your Vancouver office with comfortable, ergonomic furniture. The best landlords furnish their private offices with high-quality executive furniture that would make you want to get out of your bed on a Monday morning.


Create Amenity Spaces 


While at home, employees become accustomed to flexible work areas and the ability to get up and unplug for a little while needed. 


Upon returning to a more structured office environment, your employees may appreciate having the option to take a break from their desks to enjoy communal sitting areas, a dedicated break room, or a cozy corner where they can take 5.