Furnished or Unfurnished Offices in Vancouver: Which is Best for My Business?

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It’s no secret that having a suitable office space can significantly impact a business’s growth and success. As the number of employees returning to full or part-time in-office work continues to climb, so too does the demand for offices in Vancouver.


When searching for offices in Vancouver, you’re likely to have come across two distinct options: furnished and unfurnished. While both possibilities have their unique advantages, furnished offices in Vancouver provide smaller businesses with everything they need to move in and get to work without the hassle and downtime required of unfurnished alternatives.


From high-quality office furnishings to high-speed internet and receptionist services, here’s more on the advantages furnished offices in Vancouver can provide for your business.


Five Benefits of Furnished Offices in Vancouver


Hassle-Free Convenience


The most apparent benefit to leasing furnished offices around Vancouver is the convenience.


Comfortable offices comprise more than simply a few desks and some chairs. There are private offices, meeting rooms, a reception area, and a space for employees to store and prepare food to consider, and all these spaces require decor and furnishings. The time taken to measure, shop for, and organize the delivery of office fittings is the time taken away from your core operations. You can skip the hassle by choosing a furnished office equipped with desks, chairs, conference rooms, a reception area, and an employee kitchen.


Cost-Saving Advantage


In addition to saving time on shopping for all the furnishings and equipment needed to set up your offices, furnished offices also provide a significant cost-saving advantage over unfurnished spaces.


Good quality office furniture like desks, chairs, and conference tables are expensive. However, this is an area you need to weigh carefully as cheaper quality furnishings and outdated office decor can send the wrong signals to clients and potential employees who will be regularly using the space.


Furnished Offices Come with Extra Amenities


If the fixtures alone weren’t enough, furnished offices in Vancouver typically come with several amenities not included in other types of office leases. While these services may vary by the property manager and building, a fully serviced office rental might include things like:


Receptionist services
Wireless internet
Dedicated parking spaces
Janitorial services


Depending on the building, some furnished office rentals may also be able to provide additional amenities like scenic Vancouver views, outdoor areas, and 24-hour building access.


Professional Appearance


Shabby offices or regular meetings in coffee shops can leave clients with a less-than-desirable impression of your business’s capabilities. Investing in a furnished Vancouver office is the perfect exterior complement to your business’s professionalism, competency, and aptitude.


Not only will clients be impressed with your situation, but employees will feel pride in their workplaces- something countless studies have shown to be a significant driver of employee productivity and job satisfaction.


Flexible Leasing Terms


Many of the businesses exploring furnished offices in Vancouver are the kinds that are in the growth stages of their life cycles. In a fast-paced environment, furnished office leases provide ambitious businesses with the flexibility to adapt or move their offices as needed. Perhaps you only need a few offices today to accommodate a handful of employees, but soon you might require several offices to house dozens of staff. With a flexible-term and furnished office space in Vancouver, you can increase, decrease, or move your offices without the cost or hassle of moving and furnishing a new space.


Whether you are in the market for a single office with mountain views or several offices to accommodate a growing business, Palagon offers a variety of fully-serviced, central-located, furnished offices around Vancouver guaranteed to exceed your expectations.