How Commercial Spaces in Vancouver Are Getting Creative

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For decades, commercial office spaces in Metro Vancouver favoured white walls, standard black and grey office furniture, and artificial lighting. Offices were designed to remove distractions and streamline business activities. Business practices and our understanding of what motivates employees have since developed. In the wake of these changes, business centres and office spaces have also adapted to better meet and represent the needs of various companies, employees, and mission statements.

Some of the most striking changes can be seen in commercial spaces in Vancouver where long-accepted standard business furnishings and architecture have been replaced by more organic, flexible, and intentional spaces. Here are some ways commercial spaces in Vancouver are changing for the better.


Going Green, Inside and Out


Thoughtfully created spaces should maximize utility, accessibility, and diversity. Many businesses seek out commercial spaces in Vancouver that are centrally located with easy access to public transit. Not only does this help to assuage the carbon footprint of a commuting employee base, but also makes your company more appealing to employees, given the ability to reduce their transportation costs and access work in a more environmentally conscious way. Another shift in office layouts across Vancouver is the desire to make the most of natural lighting not only to reduce energy costs but also to increase energy levels for increased productivity in employees.

Installations of large surrounding windows welcome a flood of natural lighting making for a warm and bright office space. Exposure to natural lighting has been shown to boost mood, reduce headache and eyestrain, and raise energy levels. Paired with thoughtfully decorated interiors using materials such as natural wood, earth tones and potted plants, commercial office spaces are finding the perfect blend of inviting yet professional.


Finding Flexibility


With so many businesses discovering the benefits of a hybrid model and offering their employees a balance between remote work and in-office time, commercial spaces in Vancouver are changing the way they approach space sharing. By applying a more fluid approach to shared office space, businesses can downsize their square footage as needed and upsize for the duration of large projects or to accommodate staff overflow. Working with a company specializing in leasing flexible office space options is the best way to find a working environment that best suits your business’s goals and employee range. That way, you can build in or leave out certain amenities and services you may or may not need such as a kitchen or board room.




One of the key ways in which commercial office spaces have had to adapt is to offer a variety of space styles as part of their leasing portfolio. There is no end to the diversity of the Metro Vancouver business landscape. A multitude of industries require office space, each with its own specific design and functional requirements. For example, the layout of an office catering to the healthcare industry will need structures that facilitate privacy and sanitation whereas a small business may want an open floor plan or a reduced office space with access to a board room for team meetings. Some businesses may be conducting international operations and need 24-hour access to their space to accommodate various time zones. Regardless of the nature of each business, it’s essential that commercial space providers can pivot and provide unique leasing experiences for each client.


If your company is looking into commercial spaces in Vancouver, remember to consider factors such as how much accessibility you need, which amenities will suit your operations, and how the physical space itself will impact your employees and benefit the business.