How to Impress Clients with an Office Rental in Vancouver

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First impressions are usually made within seconds of walking into a space, so have you considered what your office rental – or lack of office space may be saying about your business?


Even with the discernible shift from conventional 9-to-5 office work to more flexible working arrangements, an office remains a pillar of success in the minds of clients and employees. However, if your business is the type to occasionally host clients, simply having a business address will not be enough to solidify your image as a professional organization, you need the right office rental in Vancouver.


What Makes an Office Rental in Vancouver Standout?


An office must have a few essential elements to help project a superior image to clients, coworkers, and even the competition. Some companies achieve this exclusivity through direct ownership in pricey corporate real estate. However, even smaller businesses can benefit from a polished image at a fraction of the price with the right office rental in Vancouver. Here are a few must-have office rental features for small businesses looking to impress.


The Right Vancouver Address


Vancouver is unquestionably one of the priciest real estate markets in the world. While that may be bad news for would-be homeowners, a Vancouver area business address can be a significant boon for businesses. Having a business located within the downtown Vancouver core or impressive expanse of the North Shore not only brings access to a diverse and affluent population but also offers a certain degree of prestige- both of which can provide growth opportunities for your business.


Photo-Worthy Frontage


When a client pulls up to your offices, what do they see? If it isn’t a clean, modern, serviced building, you may not be in the right office rental. While it would not be practical to change offices every few years to keep up with the newest renovated locations, older buildings should nonetheless ensure that their exteriors remain well-kept and that interiors get the occasional refresh. A professional office space speaks of a well-kept and maintained front.


A Room with a View


Locals and visitors alike cannot seem to get enough of the incredible views Vancouver is known for, so why not give them something to enjoy? When exploring office rentals in Vancouver, consider investing in a location that takes advantage of Vancouver’s beautiful landscape. Not only will clients be impressed by your sweeping views of downtown Vancouver or the North Shore mountains, but employees will also appreciate the exceptional vistas.


Hassle-Free Accessibility


Regardless of how fabulous your building is on the outside or how expectational your view is, clients will not appreciate it if your office rental is hard to find or difficult to access. Vancouver is notoriously problematic for parking, therefore, selecting an office rental with dedicated parking is a massive bonus that both clients and employees will be happy to have. It is also important to consider those who travel by transit by choosing an office location near buses or the Skytrain that makes it convenient to commute to.


Essential Office Amenities


Perhaps not as apparent as the building or the views, your rental should also include the types of basic amenities that are expected of larger companies. For instance, your office rental should include a reception area, a kitchen or breakroom to offer visitors hot beverages and cold water, well-appointed meeting rooms separate from your standard offices, and service phone lines.   


Even if you are heading a small or medium business, there’s no reason you can’t compete with larger operations. Standout from the competition with an office rental in Vancouver able to impress even the most discerning clients.