Reasons Your Office Space in Vancouver Could Use a Waiting Room

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As businesses in the Vancouver area change and evolve, so do the needs of their workspaces. While small start-ups may be able to get by with four walls and a desk downtown, as businesses grow and expand their client base and team size, they experience a growing need for a more versatile space. Whether that means access to a boardroom for team meetings and presentations, kitchen amenities for staff, or upgrading to a more professional space with mountain views, choosing the office space in Vancouver and North Vancouver that best prioritizes your company’s growth and goals can support the success of your business. Here’s why choosing a space with a waiting room should be one of those priorities.


Time Management


There are never enough hours in the day and running a business in Metro Vancouver can be overwhelming. Or at least that’s how it seems when you’re juggling multiple tasks, projects, and clients throughout the workday. If your business includes meeting with clients, suppliers, or any number of other network acquaintances, waiting rooms can help space out your meetings allowing you to prepare in between each one. This also allows you to maximize every minute without interruptions from those who arrive too early. Moreover, if you’re running behind, you can maintain a professional manner by giving your guests a comfortable place to wait rather than having them wait in your office while you hurry to make it there.


If you’re finding that the meetings throughout your workday feel disorganized and rushed, you may need to look for office space in Vancouver or office space in North Vancouver with a waiting room that best suits your clientele. With better time management and a more organized flow of foot traffic, your work day can pass more smoothly and with more balance.




Maintaining a sense of professionalism in your business is essential to acquiring clients, working with suppliers, and a steady flow of sales and marketing. The face of your business says a lot about its operations. When visitors arrive at your office, a well-organized and welcoming waiting room speaks volumes about your company. It gives visitors a moment to organize themselves before a meeting, opens more space for any marketing, informational, or instructional materials you need to display, and gives your business a professional foot forward. If you’re looking for a more presentable office space in Vancouver for your business, consider a rental that incorporates a stylish waiting room in the floor plan.


Walk-ins and Drop-ins


For some businesses, sales and clientele are often boosted by the ability to receive walk-in and drop-in style customers. To facilitate this style of business, it’s essential to have a waiting room where office personnel can filter customers in and out, book future appointments, and answer inquiries. This also allows for more discrete communication between the front and back of the house when accommodating drop-ins for businesses such as legal consultation, esthetician appointments, or mental health services. For businesses that require any cleaning, changeover, or preparation of supplies in between clients (such as health services or personal care services) a waiting room allows time for staff to prepare spaces anew for each client for a more seamless experience.


When planning the ideal office space in Vancouver or North Vancouver, for your business, consider how you will be using the workspace as well as who will be sharing the space intermittently. If you plan to receive customers, shipments, walk-ins, or host networking meetings, renting a space with a waiting room can streamline operations, smooth your time management, and save everyone’s stress.