The Art of Approachability for Commercial Space in Vancouver and North Vancouver!

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Employees are the heart of a company and multiple studies have linked productivity with happiness, and this is particularly relevant in the workplace. Companies that thrive know the key to success is a team of employees who enjoy their work and feel valued by their employer. Conveying that appreciation for your employees goes beyond praise or promotions. Providing a dynamic and approachable workspace is one of the best ways to ensure employees feel valued. In today’s competitive skills market, it also helps to encourage new talent to join your team. Here are some things to look for in a commercial space in Vancouver or commercial space in North Vancouver that express your company’s commitment to the well-being of your employees.


A Team-Centric Layout


If your company thrives on collaboration and teamwork, then you’ll need an office space that reflects that attitude. Some of the best results and solutions emerge when coworkers are allowed to share ideas and problem-solve collectively in an environment conducive to that collaboration. Teamwork-oriented companies can benefit from an office space in Vancouver with an open and welcoming board and meeting rooms where their employees can come together to plan, set goals, and review operations. While some boardrooms are professionally trimmed with lofted ceilings and simple furnishings for a minimalist look, others are warm with natural accents and a cozier feel. Look for a meeting room that jibes with your company’s style and approach to team and client logistics.


Food for Thought


Along with emerging research on the parallels between happiness and productivity, companies are becoming more aware of the need to ensure self-care is prioritized amongst their staff. This does not mean work is one never-ending vacation, but it does place emphasis on acknowledging each team member’s right to care for their mental health, well-being, and needs as part of being their best self in the workplace. Gone are the days when big corporations valued the employees who could forgo lunch and dinner, burn the candle at both ends and work tirelessly into the wee hours.

Choosing office spaces that support the needs of your team with both in-house kitchenette options as well as proximity to a range of dining options helps keep everyone fueled and focused on work. Look for commercial space in Vancouver offering kitchen facilities for your team to socialize and refuel in and an assortment of restaurants and amenities nearby to access resources and even meet with clients, without losing hours from the workday.


An Accessible Commute


One of the biggest taxes on employees in the Lower Mainland is the dreaded commute. With many workers residing throughout the Lower Mainland and travelling into the city for their jobs, the sheer volume of time lost to traffic and the mental strain of a long stressful drive has many people looking for better solutions. Taking public transit to get to work is an increasingly popular option for those working in the city, but for companies, the key to encouraging this improvement in employee travel is to situate themselves close to transit stops. Whether deciding on the right commercial space in Vancouver or commercial space in North Vancouver, look for office rentals near public transit options such as sky train and bus stations so everyone can get to the office on time and ready to work, without the lingering stress of a two-hour commute.


When finding the perfect commercial space in Vancouver, remember that with a few simple considerations such as comfortable meeting rooms, food options, and transit accessibility you can encourage well-being among your team members without sacrificing productivity in the workplace.