What’s The Difference Between Serviced Offices and Coworking Spaces in Vancouver?

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There’s been a dramatic shift in what constitutes a conventional workspace and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.


Long before pandemic-related lockdowns forced most employers to pivot to work-from-home models, many modern businesses were embracing alternative working arrangements. For example, companies were shrugging off traditional office layouts for open workspaces or scrapping conventional offices altogether for alternatives like serviced offices or coworking spaces that offered more amenities, greater flexibility, and more affordability.  


Today, thanks in part to unprecedented numbers of small and medium businesses and freelance workers, demand for coworking and serviced office space in Vancouver has reached record levels. What is the difference between a coworking space and a fully serviced office space in Vancouver?


Coworking vs Serviced Office Space in Vancouver- Here’s What You Need to Know


Fundamentally, coworking spaces and serviced offices in Vancouver share many similarities. Therefore, their organization typically makes them appealing to different types of enterprises. Coworking spaces have become very trendy for gig workers, freelancers, and small businesses that value open working spaces. These types of businesses prefer access to plenty of shared office amenities, like desks, breakrooms, lounge areas, and bookable conference rooms, however, don’t necessarily require the privacy afforded by conventional offices.


Serviced office space in Vancouver acts like the bridge between a coworking space and a traditional office setup. With a serviced office rental, businesses enjoy the benefits of fully furnished office space and added perks like personalized mailboxes, reception services, and customizability that accompany conventional offices. Larger companies and those which require a degree of privacy tend to prefer serviced office space over coworking offices.


Advantages of a Serviced Office in Vancouver


Serviced offices in Vancouver provide the perfect balance of privacy and autonomy for businesses not wanting to take on the investment required of wholly owned offices but not quite ready to embrace the laissez-faire attitude of coworking spaces.


Flexible Leasing Terms


Renting a serviced office in Vancouver allows you to adapt your office space as your needs change. Office dynamics can shift quickly and often with little notice. For instance, employees previously working from home may choose to spend more time in the office, business growth might spur a flurry of hiring, or your company could diversify operations in a way that requires new space organization.


Whatever the cause, a serviced office space enables you to modify your space quickly, whether that’s reconfiguring your current layout, adding or removing desks, or even increasing the number of rooms your business occupies.


Hassle-Free Convenience


A serviced office in Vancouver comes equipped with everything you need for your employees to get right to work from the moment they enter the doors. There is no shopping for furniture, arranging desks, or with a serviced office space moving into your office is as simple as hanging up your coat and unpacking your laptop.


Likewise, there is also no need to secure an internet provider or worry about things like electricity and janitorial services as your fully serviced office space lease includes these essential amenities.


Private-Use Offices


Privacy is one of the most significant factors separating a coworking space from a serviced office space in Vancouver. With a serviced office lease, you are assigned dedicated offices which are yours for the duration of your agreement. This separation helps ensure confidential information remains secure and your company is protected from the damaging fallout of a data leak. Furthermore, not only does a private-use office arrangement allow for greater privacy, but it also provides some flexibility to alter the décor and layout of the space to suit your unique business needs.


Supports Employee Collaboration


Private, fully serviced office spaces give employees the best of both conventionalism and modern work environments. With private offices, employees have an area where they work collaboratively or in small groups, sharing ideas freely without the worry of having other office occupants eavesdropping or interrupting.


With a serviced office in Vancouver, employees also have the ability to network and socialize outside of their immediate setting thanks to shared amenities like kitchens, breakrooms, and reception areas.